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Tango Del Cielo

What's engaging about this artist:

In its first week, Tango Del Cielo's album reached #2 on Billboard's classical crossover chart.

  • Tango Del Cielo is led by harpist, Anna Maria Mendieta. She has performed for Pope Benedict XVI,  President Clinton, the King and Queen of Spain, the Emmy Awards, Theater Flamenco and Leading Ladies of Tango, Josh Groban, and Barry Manilow (who calls her his favorite harpist) name just a few.

  • Tango Del Cielo (Tango of Heaven) features a fusion of many Latin styles including Argentine tango, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, and Latin jazz.

  • Tango Del Cielo concerts are a tribute to the history of tango in silent films, incorporating full screen as a multimedia backdrop for the first half of the show and a scrim with set staging for the second half of the show.

  • Music for the performance is arranged by Grammy Award winner and Academy Award nominee, Jorge Calandrelli, and Grammy Award winners Pablo Ziegler and Daniel Binelli, and multi-Grammy nominee Jeremy Cohen.

“What Anna Maria is doing for the Harp and Tango is fantastic. And the audience loves that.”

   – Pablo Ziegler (Multi Grammy Award Winner, Best Tango Album)

“...the only harpist who makes me turn around to watch and hear you play!”

   – Josh Groban


  • Program is designed for one rehearsal with Tango Del Cielo  conductor or two rehearsals with resident conductor

  • The Performance is designed to be flexible in instrumentation and venue from small to large: jazz club, chamber music space, an outdoor event, or a concert hall


  • Tango Del Cielo as a stand-alone with their members: Harp, Violin, Cello/Bass, Percussion, Dancers, Technical Director

  • This Orchestration is also scored for chamber strings ( or augmented chamber orchestra, or symphonic orchestra, provided by resident orchestra

Running Time

  • 75 min with no intermission OR

  • Two 45 min halves with intermission 

  • There is flexibility for adjusting these times to fit program requirements with approval of Tango Del Cielo

All orchestrations have been specially arranged for Tango Del Cielo and will be provided, as part of the performance agreement, to the resident orchestra

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